What is or is not a chat room

To put it simply, an online chat and dating site or room is a virtual hangout where you can chat randomly with strangers. It's a bit like going to a nightclub or a bar but cheaper. Plus, you don't risk sounding like a jerk on the dance floor or falling in love with the bar. You can also leave at any time if the conversation doesn't suit you. Although the discreet or anonymous mode is common online, you have to know how to play and play and fill out your profile properly to be able to communicate with the right people so that great encounters happen.

The first impression

As in a real bar, the first impression you give will determine your future discussions. It's the same with dating sites. The first step is to find and use a good name for your profile. This is your "nickname" or the nickname that everyone will use to reach you. The best names for chatting are inventive, creative, and fun. Think carefully about the image you want to convey through your nickname and avoid using nicknames such as "22cm" or "bigdick27". Remember that there are men and women who are not necessarily looking for the same thing and you can come across as frustrated. It is an obvious obstacle to the meeting.

Stay pleasant and designed

Conversations on chat sites are like in a nightclub with one difference: the music is not too loud to hear or understand something wrong. Chat or chat rooms are more like a long series of short, concise statements, questions and answers. The goal here is to quickly make people understand their expectations before extending the discussion or not.


If you spend time on social media, you already know why chatting, posting, or doing anything IN ALL CAPITALS doesn't get done. Indeed, typing a message in capitals and perceived as a way of shouting. So unless you want to convey your information by shouting, avoid writing IN ALL CAPITALS which may appear rude. As emoticons should be used wisely, writing IN CAPITAL LETTERS is to be avoided.

Be smart and stay mysterious

When you meet someone at a bar, what sides of your personality do you want to showcase? You can reveal some, but not all. Communicate only what is needed during your discussion. Your past and your secrets must remain so, be innovative and seductive. If you play the game correctly you will meet great people.

Too many contacts kill the contact

If the dating site you are using allows you to have many new contacts, don't contact too many people at once. It's a bit like starting a conversation at a nightclub or paying a drink for every handsome guy or girl you meet. In addition to sounding a bit desperate, it's even a bit pathetic. Do not push the dialogue with more than three members in the context of romantic encounters. Pick profiles to focus on for a while to see if anything is possible. If there is no real connection, contact someone else and so on.

Don't forget to have fun!

One important thing when you venture into the world of chatting and dating is to have fun. People you meet online know this, so don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun, relax and chat simply and freely. You might be surprised at how many people are like you. Whatever your likes, dislikes and interests, you will be able to find a salon or members that match you. Don't wait any longer, register and join the many members already online.



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